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Spatial equity & inclusiveness

Following the formation of a strategic alliance between the Architectural Research Centers Consortium and the CIB working commission on Architectural Design and Management, work began on spatial equity and inclusiveness. The principles were debated at a workshop during the ARCC conference in 2022, and it was concluded that the focus should be on the city centre. A second workshop at the ARCC conference in 2023, involved a conversation about the privatisation and commercialisation of public space, homelessness and rough sleeping, and changes in working practices and building uses; with an international group of discussants. The purpose of this section is as a repository for papers and notes, and a place where people can contribute with blogs and thought pieces.

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Image by Clay Banks

Spatial Equity and Inclusiveness Research Group

Contribute and exchange ideas

This section is an opportunity to contribute blogs and thought pieces on spatial equity and inclusiveness as part of the alliance between FCCN, the Architectural Research Centers Consortium  and the CIB working commission on Architectural Design and Management. 

SEND YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS to marked Spatial Equity

To contribute your thoughts, blogs or short essays, get in touch via putting Spatial equity in the message title.

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