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Public realm/green spaces

Public spaces are an integral part of the urban system, the interstices between those spaces produced and managed by private agents for private use. Renewed attention is being given to how this public realm should be managed and used to support the city centre in its transformation. In part this is a reaction to its gradual 'privatised' management excluding some from its use; in part it is awareness of the valuable contribution it has to the conviviality and quality of life of the centre; and in part its contribution to a sustainable urban form. Innovative and imaginative ways to produce more green spaces are being adopted, but in so do doing there are tensions over how these are managed, and how accessible they are to remain part of the public realm. Our studies of city centres have underlined the role and valuable benefits for the commonweal that come from well designed, managed and open public space.

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Key issues

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about the debates over the creation of new public space alongside increasing densification, about how it can be managed to be inclusive and open, and the opportunities to re-nature the city centre. Click on the titles to read more

Duivenvoorden, Hartmann, Brinkhuijsen & Hesselmans (2021) Cities 109, 103032

Major urban transition challenges require substantial changes in public space – both physical and social changes. In making a case for a new approach to managing such space, this paper argues for a more integral and strategic management of public space to unleash the huge potentials of the public realm. 

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