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Repopulating the downtown areas of cities has become a high priority for planners. A key question is the city centre for whom? The promotion of the city centre as a tourist destination has created new demand for diverse forms of accommodation - hotels, serviced apartments, AirBnB - creating a large but peripatetic population. Gentrification has attracted some higher income groups, brought new investment capital to repurpose property and strengthened local tax bases. The recent expansion of student residences has added another cohort. But other groups have been displaced or priced out. Finding new balances between these competing interests is critical to a more sustainable, inclusive city centre. Mixed housing, new service provision for a wider age cohort and family structures are needed to make the city centre itself a 15 minute neighbourhood. 



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Key issues

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about how city centres are being repopulated, and the tensions which are beign created between the need to meet the desires of tourists and visitors, and the aspirations and requirements of other residents.  Click on titles for access.

Orr, Stewart, Jackson and White (2023) Cities 133, 104124

This paper explores the inter-connections between property use diversity, change of use, and the adaptive capacity within urban retailing systems. The retailing centres of five UK case study cities, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Liverpool, and Nottingham, are examined over a twenty-year period

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