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Pittsburgh PA, USA -
Pittsburgh 2030 District

As one of the 2030 Districts in North America that are demonstrating how carbon emissions can be significantly reduced through collective action in their respective downtowns, Pittsburgh 2030 provides a case study of organisational innovation where the private and third sector business community is leading and where data and measurement of the transition to net zero is a key element in its success.

Read their 2022 report accounting for 10 years progress.

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Beyond Business Improvement Districts and Associations

This new form of city centre management looks beyond direct economic returns to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable city centre...

Read more on our thoughts 

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Financing change

The 2030 District project also provides a useful toolkit that showcase how locally it has been possible to address financing. This is often a significant barrier to energy efficiency, despite proven financial benefits and returns on investment. See the toolkit here

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Green Building Alliance

The Pittsburgh 2030 project is being led by the Green Building Alliance, a non-profit organisation dedicated to transform the built environment. Learn more about the Green Building Alliance and their role in Pittsburgh 2030 - click here

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