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Reviving Sewoon

"Tinkering around the edges is no longer enough". In their latest, bold project to demonstrate that the city centre has a long term future and to give confidence to local businesses, investors and external funders, Derby City Council has been consulting with local citizens and stakeholders to create a new framework which sets the direction of travel in how its responds to unprecedented challenges. 

Read their consultative 2022 vision.

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Preservation over reconstruction

Ditching earlier top-down plans to demolish and rebuild this historic centre once at the heart of the city's industry, the recent transformation has sought to preserve and add.... 1) improving walkability, 2) revitalizing innovative manufacturing industry, and 3) empowering community.

Read more on this from Brookings.

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Economic diversification

Preservation extends here beyond the physical fabric. The encouragement of small-scale units has allowed the identity and function of the area to be maintained and enhanced - despite tensions and pressures to adopt modern, high-rise elements. 

Learn more about these tensions in Guigue, N., & Sohail, N. (2020)'s account of the limits and challenges its regeneration.


Social sustainability

Whilst still pro-growth, the Sewoon project has underlined the value of greater inclusion in decision making and the benefits and rewards of emphasising the social aspects of urban sustainability. 

Find out more about this in Jung's (2021) paper in Local Environment

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