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Derby, UK -
Ambition 2022

"Tinkering around the edges is no longer enough". In their latest, bold project to demonstrate that the city centre has a long term future and to give confidence to local businesses, investors and external funders, Derby City Council has been consulting with local citizens and stakeholders to create a new framework which sets the direction of travel in how its responds to unprecedented challenges. 

Read their consultative 2022 vision.

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Deep-seated challenges

The 2022 vision planning is the latest attempt to regenerate the city centre. We review the past plans, assess their impact and reflect on how difficult it is for a City Council to deliver the scale of transformation sought.

Read more on our thoughts 


Thematic priorities

Drawing on stakeholder engagement, the 2022 vision is built around a set of themes, each of which contributes to the overall ambition for change. These themes are relevant to most city centres, and chime with the evidence identified in our AHRC project.

Read more about the themes and the proposal from the Council under each.

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Ambitious enough?

The consultative process completed in 2022 by the City Council is a good example of how to bring citizens and others into conversation. Asking whether they were bold enough, opportunities to suggest other ways to move forward have been provided.

See the discussion points .

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