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Setting the agenda

FCCN Discussion points

In this page we raise issues that we feel merit further discussion and can help transform city centres. We welcome thoughts and responses to the questions posed and we welcome suggestions for other agendas that need to be (re-)set to make city centres more sustainable and liveable places and spaces.

Making public space work

How can public space be designed to be inclusive? What innovative ways can the city centre have more public spaces? Should there be more treescapes in the city cente?

Repopulating the centre

What actions are needed to bring more, diverse groups of people back into the city as residents? 

More active travel

What prevents there being more active travel in and to the city centre? What changes to the cityscape would make a difference?

15 minute neighbourhood

This idea has become popular, but what does this mean for the city centre? 


Creating more compact cities has been the dominant agenda but should the city centre be less dense? Is the notion of the CBD dead?

New Zero City Centre

What actions need to be taken to help make the downtown a positive contributor to a net zero future?

Other topics?

If you would like to discuss other topics, get in touch and we'll add them to this page

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