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City case studies

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

The city is the epitome of such a bounded mono-centric compact city. It also has a more distinct form of governance, with responsibility for urban design lying with the local City Council. However, like many other cities globally, development is determined by the private sector, with land purchased by national and international developers, who are able to transform large areas of the centre to fit within such an outward-looking perspective. Read more

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Tshwane/Pretoria, South Africa

Shaking off an image of a post-colonial, post-apartheid city, there is a desire to generate a new, authentic and relevant city centre. In many respects the city and its centre remains distant from the declared vision of the city epitomising a future African capital city that is liveable, resilient and inclusive, and where citizens are actively involved in enabling access to social, economic, and enhanced political freedoms.  

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Pittsburgh, PA USA - Pittsburgh 2030

We highlight the Pittsburgh 2030 case study as it is:

  • an example of collective action adding benefits and value to address the complex, wicked problems of climate change.

  • a new pathway of city centre management beyond the traditional business improvement model where the private and third sector business community is leading rather than the municipality

  • highlights how data and measurement of the transition to net zero is a key element in its success, and how such data can be generated.

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Community Garden

Newcastle, NSW Australia

Like many other industrial and post-industrial cities around the world, Newcastle NSW has utilised the demise of heavy industry and associated transport networks to repurpose spaces in the urban core. As it looks forward to the middle of the 21st century, the City Council has laid out visionary plans to redefine the spatial design of the central area of the city...

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João Pessoa, Brazil

João Pessoa exemplifies some of the challenges faced by city centres when their raison d’etre is threatened by the exodus of more affluent residents, investors, tourists and in turn services and investment. Although the heritage and cultural value of the historic city centre remains significant, the absence of a clear consensus about how to utilise this value and incorporate it into a vibrant urban core is undermining the municipality’s efforts.  Read more

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Derby, UK

We highlight Derby City, in the heart of England, as an example of how city council's are grappling to reverse a cycle of decline in their city centres. Derby's approach is noteworthy:

  • it has set out ideas about what has to change and how this might be achieved as an ambitious vision

  • has used this to hold conversations and public exhibition to get wider input

  • is linking investment with responses to climate challenges and their new zero goals.

Read a summary of the Vision 'Ambition - 2022' 

Read more about its 20230 Masterplan for investment.

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The 4 project case studies
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