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Revitalising Glasgow's city centre

Last month, Scotland's largest city council set out their plans for the redevelopment of the centre of Glasgow seeking views from stakeholders and the public.

The 2024-30 strategy updates the interim City Centre Recovery Plan of 2022-24 which was largely shaped by the global pandemic and its impact. The new plan is more ambitious and wide ranging, looking to build on three pillars that the Council and partners view as the current strengths of the city's urban core.

"This Strategy will also advance our efforts to double the city centre’s residential population, encouraging the growth of new communities in the heart of Glasgow. So too will it harness the city centre’s crucial role in the journey to Net Zero carbon, and support its status as a hub for innovation and the digital economy. We will progress local actions and priorities for every part of the city centre, from the “Golden Z” historic retail core, to the established city centre neighbourhoods of Garnethill and Townhead." (Cllr Angus Millar, City Convener for City Centre Recovery)

You can read more about the strategy and engage with the public consultation at City Centre Strategy 2024 - 2030 (

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