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Pretoria/Tshwane city centre plans

Read Chapter 1 of the Framework here

Every great city has a vision. In order to realise that vision, a strategy that responds to the various elements of that vision is required. The vision of the CoT is to become the African Capital City of Excellence.


The purpose of a spatial framework for the city is to provide a spatial representation of the City Vision and to be a tool to integrate all aspects of spatial (physical) planning such as land use planning; planning of a pedestrian, vehicular and other movement patters; planning regarding buildings and built-up areas; planning of open space systems; planning of roads and other service infrastructure; as well as to guide all decision-making processes regarding spatial (physical) development.

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of the Framework. 

"Capital Core- the Tshwane Inner city is identified as the Capital Core as it is the city’s first order node amongst all metropolitan nodes. Traditionally, the inner city is also the Central Business District (CBD) of major cities. Tshwane is no different.


Historically, the inner city was the geographic heart and centre of what is now the Tshwane area. Over time, though, due to the extension of the Tshwane boundaries, the Inner City is no longer geographically central, but still plays a very important role with regards to the concentration of retail, office and government buildings to be found in the area.


The Capital Core must: • Be the focal point for housing government departments • Be developed to a higher than average density, supporting all principles of smart growth"

READ MORE in Chapter 8 of the Spatial Development Framework for Tshwane

"Our vision is a City of Tshwane that in 2055 is liveable, resilient and inclusive whose citizens enjoy a high quality of life, have access to social, economic and enhanced political freedoms and where citizens are partners in the development of the African Capital City of excellence."

Read the full Tshwane 2055 vision document HERE

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